Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement SURF application process

  1. Introduction

SURF B.V. (hereinafter SURF or we) processes your personal data in the context of our application process and is therefore the data controller for your personal data within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG). SURF processes your personal data for the following purposes:

  • Responding to emails
  • Contacting applicants
  • Assess how suitable applicants are for a position
  • Create applicant account
  • Keeping you informed of suitable job opportunities (optional)

These processing operations result in personal data of applicants and other interested parties being processed in SURF's systems, including Emply and Outlook, so that SURF can select the most suitable person for each position. The assessment of applicants is based, among other things, on work experience, motivation and personal skills.

You can exercise a number of rights under the AVG in relation to your personal data. These rights are the right to access the personal data we process about you and to have this data corrected if it is incorrect. In addition, in some cases you have the right to have this data erased, to have it transferred to another party, to limit the processing of your personal data or to object to it. See also section 2.10 and 2.11.

This privacy statement provides information about:

  1. Why SURF processes personal data about you;
  2. Why we may;
  3. Who we process personal data from;
  4. How we receive your personal data;
  5. What personal data we process;
  6.  Who receives your personal data;
  7.  Transfers outside the EEA;
  8.  How long we keep your personal data;
  9.  Whether we use automated decision-making;  
  10. What rights you have;
  11. Your right to object.

You may ask questions about this privacy statement by contacting:

Contact details SURF:


Moreelsepark 48

3511 EP, Utrecht

+31 88 787 30 00

The contact details of our Data Protection Officer are:

Niels Huijbregts

If you believe that SURF is not handling your personal data properly, you can submit a complaint to the Data Protection Officer of SURF. SURF will always do its best to find an acceptable solution in consultation with you. You also have the right to submit a complaint about SURF to the Personal Data Authority. More information about the Personal Data Authority and submitting complaints can be found at

  1. Information about processing in the application process
    1. Why do we process your personal data?

SURF processes your personal data if you apply for a position at SURF or wish to be kept informed of suitable vacancies at SURF. SURF is therefore required to process your personal data. SURF processes your personal data for various purposes.

  • Responding to emails

For answering questions sent to us via email outside of the application process and providing support, we process your email address and any personal data contained in the email.

  • Be able to contact applicants

If you apply for a position at SURF or send an open application, we will process your email address and phone number in order to respond to your application and schedule any interviews.

  • Assess how suitable applicants are for a position

Based on the information you provided in your CV and motivation letter, we assess how suitable you are for a position and whether you will be invited for (follow-up) interviews. We also view applicant profiles on social media if this is necessary to gather the information we need to make a proper assessment.

  • Create applicant account 

If you apply to SURF, an account is automatically created for you in our career center where you can see all your applications.

  • Keeping you informed of suitable job opportunities (optional)

If you give us permission, we will keep your information for one year after you apply, to keep you informed if a suitable position becomes available for you.

  1. Why may we process your personal data?

We process your personal data on the legal bases of preparing agreement, legitimate interest and consent.

In order to conclude a contract, we process applications based on cover letters and resumes and process contact data. We need to process this data in order to be able to assess with which individuals we want to conclude an agreement for a position and to be able to schedule interviews in order to get to know applicants better. Without the provision of this data, SURF cannot conclude an agreement with an applicant.

When an applicant submits their application using the form on SURF's website, an account is automatically created in our career center so that the applicant can see what application processes are in progress. The creation of this account is based on SURF's legitimate interest in providing ease of use for applicants and allowing them to easily withdraw applications.

We will save your application and contact data in principle until four weeks after the end of the application process. If you give us your permission, we will instead keep them for one year after the application process, so that we can keep you informed of suitable vacancies. You can withdraw your consent at any time by sending an e-mail to

Further, you consent to us responding to your e-mail by sending us that e-mail. You may withdraw your consent at any time by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address you used to contact us.

  1. Who do we process personal data from?

SURF processes personal data of applicants have created for the application process.  

  1. How do we receive personal data?

The personal data we process is obtained from data subjects and is obtained through an external recruitment party.

  1. What personal data do we process?

We process the following ordinary personal data to carry out the application process:

  • Contact information (possibly face if video calling is involved)
  • Application data (CV, cover letter and notes from SURF employees)
  • Account details
  • Offer employment conditions.
    1. Who receives your personal data?

We provide your information to:

  • Cloud and software provider Emply. (processor)
    1. Transfer outside the EEA

SURF will not transfer your personal data to countries or organizations outside the European Economic Area.

  1. Personal data retention periods

SURF does not use automated decision making, including profiling, in the processing operations described in this Privacy Statement.

  1. What rights do you have?

To begin with, you have the right to have the personal data that SURF processes about you changed, supplemented or deleted. You can also request access to the personal data that SURF processes about you.

If it involves the processing of data provided by you yourself on the basis of your consent or the execution of an agreement with you (see 2.2) and the processing of this takes place automatically (not on paper), you can request an overview of the personal data we process from you in a structured and accessible form. You also have the right to transfer these data to another party.

You can also request SURF to restrict the processing of your personal data, which means that SURF will temporarily stop processing your data, if:

  • you object (see 2.11), or
  • you dispute the accuracy of personal data that SURF processes about you, or
  • you believe that the processing of data by SURF is unlawful, or
  • you believe that SURF no longer needs the personal data, but you need it in the context of a legal claim.

You can exercise your rights by contacting us at

You can also delete data directly through your account.

  1. Right to object

In addition, you may object to the processing of your personal data if we are processing your data on the basis of a legitimate interest or on the basis of the performance of a task in the public interest (see 2.2). If SURF has no compelling legitimate grounds to continue processing, SURF will cease processing.

You can also object if SURF uses your personal data for profiling or automated decision-making (see 2.9).

If you object, you may also request that the processing of your personal data be restricted for the duration of this objection.

In conclusion

This Privacy Statement does not apply to third party websites to which we link on our website. SURF cannot guarantee that these third parties will handle your personal data in a reliable or secure manner. We advise you to read the privacy statement(s) of these website(s) before using them.

SURF may make changes to this Privacy Statement. We therefore advise you to consult this Privacy Statement regularly.

Please also read our cookie statement, where we explain which cookies we use on our website and for what purpose.